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Gday from Cam and Chris at Juiced Up Groms

Two lads from the Sunshine Coast who are super excited and passionate about the health and wellbeing of our youngest generation. They are on a mission to inspire and empower kids about living life JUICED UP!

Cam is a father of three young children and passionate about nutrition. He created a healthy eating program which he taught to kids in schools of Central Queensland. The program was a great success and nows plans to showcase it throughout Australia.

Chris is an outdoor enthusiast and high energy guy. He is a level three ski instructor and had the pleasure of teaching kids to snow ski all over the world. Now he is bringing his energy and passion to helping kids get active.

So what is a JUICED UP GROM?

“A JUICED UP GROM is a happy, healthy and thriving child who is excited and pumped for life”

Our mission is to introduce young groms to healthy eating and active living through fun and interactive programs.

We look forward to crossing paths with you soon as we continue to spread the word about living life JUICED UP

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Healthy Living for Kids Shows 

A high energy, entertaining and interactive 60min show about eating healthy and living life Juiced Up!
Juiced Up Living Show

Fun in the Sun Programs

With a variety of programs to suit a range of ages, these exciting, high energy, outdoor activity sessions are sure to get the groms frothing.

Park Sessions
Juiced Up Parties




” Juiced up groms ran a great park session and had an excellent energy that really gets the kids motivated and excited. All the kids enjoyed themselves including my daughter who has asked since if we can do another park session. I truly believe what Chris and cam are creating and their vision is what our kids need growing up in today’s society. ”

Mitch Adams

” Juiced up Groms are a real asset to the Sunshine Coast. Cam & Chris are a pleasure to deal with and have an obvious passion for children’s health and fitness. The kids are encouraged and nurtured during all the multiple activities set up for them each week. My boys love it! Keep up the great work guys.”


” My son had a ball today. Cam and Chris are awesome with kids. This program is fantastic. We can’t wait to come back. Thanks guys!”


“Absolutely love the Juiced Up Groms program!! Chris and Cam are absolutely amazing with the kids. Their high energy and positive attitudes are contagious! One of the things I love is how my son and his friends boast after each session about how they encouraged others. This is why I value the JUG program because of the awesome values it teaches our kids – to encourage others, to have a positive attitude and to stay fit and healthy. Can’t wait for the boys to visit our school!! Parents, definitely recommend the live show for schools!!!!!! Email your teachers to book them in!!”


“The Juiced Up Groms have such a great idea to get the younger kids moving. There personalities motivate the kids to join in no matter what their fitness levels and the healthy messages peppered through the sessions help the kids to feel good about themselves, family and friends. Can’t recommend them highly enough.”


“So good at what they do. The kids loving it is the best recommendation possible”