Movement & Role Model

4 Week Program

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Movement & Role Model

4 Week Program

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It’s time to make a DIFFERENCE🤙 

Our Movement & Role Model Program (ages 5-12) delivers education, movement and fun. Over 4 weeks, groms will explore different skills, games, challenges, obstacle courses – to get them outside, learning and interacting with other kids in a fun, safe environment

Plus our very popular Smoothie Workshops! Groms get to make and taste a variety of flavours (dairy/nut free)


“We love Juiced Up Groms! It is exactly the type of program we wanted our son to be apart of! Aside from the physical movement and sports he’s participating in…Chris and Cam’s high energy, sportsmanship, their relationship towards the children and interactions make them amazing role models. We love our weekly movement sessions and I’m so glad our son has been ignited in that passion for healthy, happy body and mind at such a young age!”


“The best outdoor sessions for kids on the coast! Great energy and set up, encouraging trainers and so much action packed fun. My son has never been comfortable to join team sports but absolutely loves the juiced up groms park sessions! Its helping build his confidence socially as well as improving his physical skills and overall fitness.”


“Thank you for your amazing energy in all the sessions and sharing valuable messages along the way. Very Highly recommend these guys. 💯

The boys from juiced up groms are high positive energy all the time. They are bursting with enthusiasm and make their park session a fun filled time for every child involved! My children love going to their session and I would highly recommend to any one who want to get their kids out side and moving their bodies you will not regret it!”


“These guys are just amazing! All they want is to help get kids active and healthy while having fun, and their energy and enthusiasm is contagious. Cam and Chris are 100% in the right job! My son loves the park sessions and our whole family loved the holiday sessions at home. I couldn’t recommend this program and these guys highly enough.”


“Our whole family LOVES Juiced Up Groms! Chris and Cam have endless energy and genuine enthusiasm for helping us all live happy and healthy lives. They are the real deal!!! Thanks guys (and your behind the scenes crew and family). Keep up the amazing work you do 🤘🏾❤️”


“We all LOVE juiced up groms! my 6yr and 9yr old have so much fun each Sunday they wanted a groms birthday party….and the boys certainly delivered. We had both girls party in one, around 35 kids and everyone raved about it! It was so easy for us to plan, left it all to the guys, and just turned up! cannot…recommend…high…enough. love them! 😀🥰🤙”


“My son had a ball today. Cam and Chris are awesome with kids. This program is fantastic. We can’t wait to come back. Thanks guys!”


“So good at what they do. The kids loving it is the best recommendation possible.”


” My kids loved their first session today. Chris and Cam ran the session well and had the kids attentions from start to finish. Getting outside with these guys beats laying in bed on the PlayStation that’s for sure.”


” Absolutely love the Juiced Up Groms program!! Chris and Cam are absolutely amazing with the kids. Their high energy and positive attitudes are contagious! One of the things I love is how my son and his friends boast after each session about how they encouraged others. This is why I value the JUG program because of the awesome values it teaches our kids – to encourage others, to have a positive attitude and to stay fit and healthy. ”


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