Terms and Conditions of Payment (and Attending Sessions)

Regarding all programs and events:

Payment of programs/events cannot be refunded after a program/event or within 14 days of a program/event occurring.

If a participant cannot make a program/event that was scheduled and completed, Juiced Up Groms are not liable to refund.

Refund of programs/events will be considered if more than 14 days from the program/event occurring. Refunds will include the program/event cost minus a processing fee to cover pay merchant fees. The processing fee is usually (but not always) $5.

Regarding season and multiple session events:

During a season program (as the program is held outside) weather is a potential variable that could cause cancellations. For each season program, there is an additional session/week in the schedule to allow for up to one cancellation by Juiced Up Groms. If more than one session/week is cancelled, Juiced Up Groms will not be obliged to provide additional sessions specific to that season program, however the participant will be able to select other available sessions to complete their allocated sessions for the season.

During a season program, if a participant cannot make a session/week that was scheduled and completed, Juiced Up Groms are not liable to make up or refund this session/week.

Regarding vacation care programs:

All costing is based on a minimum charge of 35 students.

Cancellation of an incursion with 21 days of the incursion date will incur a $250 cancellation fee. This is because all incursions are booked in advance and a late cancellation means we cannot fill that spot. As a result Juiced Up Groms will incur a significant loss which is greater than the cancellation fee.