Health Curriculum Incursions


Health Curriculum Incursions

Interactive Show and Freshly Blended Smoothies


Educational SHOW SPECTACTULARS at your venue! Designed to engage and entertain the children with valuable healthy living information while ticking off the HEALTH curriculum✔️ (satisfy a whole health unit with one incursion)

Every incursion includes freshly made smoothies. There is an incursion for all ages. Click the “SHOWS/PRICES” button below

Student Testimonials

” I loved how you taught us to make a smoothie, it tasted really yum, it was like the best smoothie ever. ”

Heidi, Student

” Your show really inspired me to eat more healthy food. Some day I would like to work with you. ”

Quinn, student.

” The best show we have ever had at school.”

Maxx, student.

” You guys encouraged me to eat healthy. It felt great to have so much fun in the classroom. You are so so cool. Cam and Chris are so funny and I loved it.”

Nate, student.

” I had the best time ever. I loved it when you gave everyone a chance to do something interactive.”

Ella, student.

” I learnt that you can make healthy smoothies with just fruit and ice and it tastes really good. I am interested in asking mum to make me a smoothie every day.”

Jackson, student.

Teacher Testimonials

“The boys from Juiced up Groms came well prepared and were easy to organise things with. Their show was funny and age appropriate for the kids as well as interactive which helped the kids to stay engaged. The follow up videos help tie everything together for students to then be able to sit the C2C assessment which makes my life as a health teacher very easy. Highly recommend!”

Ben, Teacher.

“Cam & Chris deliver fun, high energy, educational life lessons about nutrition and wellbeing! Smoothies were AWESOME but I think Gary the Gorilla was the most loved by the kids. I highly recommend this to schools who are looking for a Health unit with clear curriculum links. FUN for the whole school!”

Joanne, Teacher.

“As a HPE teacher who is constantly promoting healthy eating and exercise, I believe this experience is extremely powerful in further highlighting the message to the students. Great show.”

Jamie, Teacher.

“The animals coming out was so much fun for the students and I liked the way you split the foods into Sunshine foods and factory foods. And of course, the smoothies! Overall our students loved how fun and interactive the show was. They were easily able to recall information. They had a great time!”

Sarah, Teacher.

“What a high energy show with amazing content about living a high energy life. The content was very engaging and relevant to the students.”

Louisa, Teacher.

” Well done, the kids are still talking about it. They were all discussing their lunch boxes the next morning, so you definitely got through to them. The children loved every minute of the Healthy Eating Show! Love how they learnt all about Sunshine foods and why we need to eat them. What a fantastic show! ”

Kirsty, Teacher.

” What a great show! Wonderful colourful graphics used and lots of student participation (sorting food types – healthy natural foods vs processed junk foods). Very visual presentation with hands on tactile experience involving: touching, seeing and tasting. Well done guys, there is a huge need for this enthusiastic, informative and inspiring program. ”

Peter, Teacher.

” Thank you Cam for coming to speak with my Preps about healthy eating. The session was fun, interactive and age appropriate! It really linked in with what we discuss on a daily basis. It was great to send home extra information to continue the learning at home. A few weeks later and the students are still talking about sunshine food and factory food. “

Kate, Prep Teacher.

” My class loved our visit from Cam and the Healthy Eating Show. It was professionally presented, interactive and informative. At the end of the session, the children got to make a healthy smoothie. I loved his simplistic approach to healthy eating: eat more sunshine foods and less factory foods. This is such a great way to define healthy eating and so easy for children to understand. I would definitely recommend him to other classes. “

Katie, Teacher.

” A massive thank you to the’ Juiced up Groms’ for putting on a fantastic show and teaching us about healthy living in a fun and engaging way! Both Chris and Cam were professional and super fun! The show was interactive with a high level of energy and participation from all, even the teachers got dancing and moving. The kids loved the concepts of ‘sunshine food’ and ‘factory food’ and it’s something they are now using as a part of their everyday language when talking about food choices. Learning about healthy living in this way was clever, funny, engaging and educational! We will definitely love to see more of the Juiced up Groms.”

Zinta, Teacher.

Juiced Up Living Show Package

High Energy & Interactive Shows

Immerse yourself in the atmosphere as the entertainment and education comes to your venue. Designed to specifically meet the HEALTH curriculum and tick off an entire health unit. Simply select the shows appicable to you below

Smoothie Workshop

Action speaks volumes, as the show content comes to life with delicious freshly blended smoothies for all the students and teachers plus take home recipes to encourage fun and healthy eating at home

BONUS: Juiced Up TV

Continue the curriculum learning  after the show with “unit specific” online lessons and activities. The students will love the lessons as they reconnect with the characters and concepts from the show

Juiced Up Living Show – Book Here

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